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We launched in San Francisco, the birthplace of social media. But that's where the 'typical' stops.

Since then, our clients have spanned nonprofits → small businesses → Silicon Valley startups → government → financial services → tech.

CoFounder Kate's background in journalism and advertising compliments Ash's marketing, creative and business development experience.

Our passion and experience informs a measured, goal-first approach to social and content.


Meet CoFounders Ash & Kate

Ash Ahmad


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  • Walking social targeting and metrics hub.

  • Takes a step back and pushes the 'how can we do this more creatively' questions

  • SF-NYC

  • '90s R&B 🎧  

  • #abs (always be snacking)

Kate Stoodley


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  • Content Queen 👑

  • Journalism background = engaged listener, provoking-question-asker and detail do-er.

  • Brings POV to all things

  • Comfortable and experienced speaking on stage 

  • SF-PR-ME

  • Typically on an island